Welcome to JEM-Stone

Wearable art for the fashion forward female! 
This is JEM-Stone Design, one of a kind garments made
for a woman who just has to be different! Be your own trend setter ... don't you think it's fun to strut thru life making heads turn? Of course we subscribe to the look of pop-punk from the streets of London, the eloquence of high fashion from the runways, the t-shirts and jeans of everyday, and the perfect black dress and stilettos but most of all we here at JEM-Stone like being unique.

The JEM-Stone philosophy starts by making an IMPACT.. It starts by being Inspired by the Moment when your Personality and Attitude Capture Time ... Making an IMPACT happens.. everyday.. when we step out of our homes and into the world. Everyday, we make an IMPACT with our own personal style. And that is what JEM-Stone all about!